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Hi, I'm Adam Gaynor.

Web Developer and Programmer.

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Skills and Training

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Ruby on Rails

Build a great website! The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture of Rails puts it together from the ground up.

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Supercharge the website with AJAX! Use a RESTful JSON API to build a lightning fast single page webapp.

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Make the website gorgeous! Create responsive elements, fancy transitions, and other cool stuff!

Here are my recent projects.


SpaceCamp - GitHub

Project management...for astronauts!
Built on a Ruby on Rails, and Backbone.js AJAX frontend.

Spaceship Game

Spaceships - GitHub

A browser game inspired by Space Invaders, built using HTML5 Canvas, utilizing the createJS library.


Chess - GitHub

A chess game for the Terminal, built using Ruby. Utilizes inheritance to keep code dry.


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